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Stair Climber Motorized Cart

Stair Climber Motorized Cart



  • Lightweight aluminum construction and ergonomic design promote proper posture and reduce awkward movements by operator

  • Takes only 1.5 hours to charge a totally discharged battery to 90%

  • Sliding clutch and electronic overload protection

  • Reduces force needed to move loads up and down stairs

  • Curved-back frame for kegs and cylinders

  • Power assist in climbing and descending modes

  • Multiple ascent speeds


375 lbs.

Maximum speed (steps per minute)


Weight (without battery)

35 lbs.

Maximum step height




Overall height


Battery capacity approximate steps (with maximum load)

220 steps

220 steps

220 steps

Battery capacity approximate steps (with half-load)

Take on your next catering event, corporate relocation, or large delivery of medical supplies with absolute ease by utilizing this  375 lb. powered stair climbing hand truck. Commonly used as a home healthcare delivery device due to its many convenient features, this hand truck, with its rechargeable battery and expansive, grooved 19" x 9 1/2" base plate, is capable of carrying 375 lb. across any flat surface or up 220 steps without dying. It can also ascend 300 steps when employed to move half its carrying capacity, and at its maximum speed, it will smoothly scale 29 steps per minute! That said, this dependable item is specially designed to make life easier by minimizing your number of trips per day and the time that it takes to do so.

While its lightweight, ergonomic construction is bound to reduce user fatigue and encourage proper posture, making transportation of supplies a quick, low-exertion experience, its sturdy ergo handle offers superior load control thanks to its four possible grip points.  Solid wheels are highly durable yet delicate enough to protect your floors or leave your stairs unharmed when making a home delivery. Such a combination of convenient features makes this item the one and only hand truck you will need for your pinball moving needs!

Not only is this hand truck equipped for versatile use, but it is also easy to maneuver. Its intuitive control box includes an ascend / descend button to the right and a speed switch near the handle, which can be adjusted to two settings, high or low, depending on your ascension needs. However, there is only one descend speed for user safety. Plus, its sliding clutch and its electronic overload protection system will ensure that you don't misuse or damage your machine, adding longevity to this item. So no matter the surface or the setting, this hand truck is the perfect cart for transporting your all heavy shipments or pinball machines from point A to point B! It also ships fully assembled.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 19"
Depth: 22 1/2"
Height: 62"
Base Plate: 19" x 9 1/2"

300 steps