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AA-1 Pro LED Kit w Premium Non-Ghosting LEDs

AA-1 Pro LED Kit w Premium Non-Ghosting LEDs

This kit does not replace every bulb in your game.  It replaces the play field gi and some inserts with Premium Non Ghost Bulbs.  Includes approx. 50 LEDs. These are Color Matched for your specific game.

This kit uses our quality Premium Super Non-Ghosting LEDs in the insert/controlled lamp section and are approx. 2+ times brighter than incandescent bulbs and use 20% of the power.

Complete Kit is Made From 3 Sections.

1. Controlled Lamps / Lamp Matrix 44/555, below the playfield,( turn on and off with gameplay)

2. Playfield General Illumination  44/555, above the playfield ( lighting slingshots, perimeter playfield, generally on all of the time) 

3  Super Flashers 89/906, larger lamp that flash during game play for shots hit, ect.

Prices vary per game, different qualities of flashers, bulbs, ect.