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AVATAR-2 Pro LED Kit w Super LEDs

AVATAR-2 Pro LED Kit w Super LEDs

This is a complete LED kit for you said pinball. Includes approx. 150 LEDs. These are Color Matched for your specific game.

This kit uses our quality Super LEDs which are approx. 2 times brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Complete Kit is Made From 3 Sections.

1. Controlled Lamps / Lamp Matrix 44/555, below the playfield (Turn on and off with gameplay)

2. Playfield General Illumination  44/555, ( lighting slingshots, perimeter playfield, generally on all of time)

3.  Super Flashers 89/906, larger lamps that flash during game play for shots hit, ect.

Prices vary per game, different qualities of flashers, bulbs, ect.