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ATTACK FROM MARS LED Kit with Premium Non-Ghosting LEDs

ATTACK FROM MARS LED Kit with Premium Non-Ghosting LEDs

Here is a custom LED kit for your machine. We use the best LEDs available. These LEDs are made with highest quality components. Why should you care? Long life with consistent brightness.

Our kits use Premium Non-Ghosting LEDs.  What does that mean? Our LEDs use a special circuit for your controlled inserts. So your lights that turn on and off with game play will stay completely off when they should be. Cheaper LEDs will allow the light to be partially on, faintly, like a ghost, when it should be off. 

We have two styles of LEDs available for your kit:

      FROSTED- A  2-led configuration with a white cap covering the leds. These are nice, brighter than your original light bulbs. 

     SUPER BRIGHT-  A larger led chip with 3 leds in one package. a bit brighter than the FROSTED Led with NO CAP.

All of our LEDs operate with a fraction of the power and heat of incandescent light bulbs.

Our kits are COLOR MATCHED, this means a green lens will have a green led for it. This will enhance the look of your machine with more intense, vibrant colors. We have 10 colors available to make your game look its best!

Complete Kit is Made From 4 Sections.

1. Controlled Lamps / Lamp Matrix 44/555, below the playfield,( turn on and off with gameplay)

2. Playfield General Illumination  44/555, above the playfield ( lighting slingshots, perimeter playfield, generally on all of the time) 

3. Super Flashers 89/906, larger lamp that flash during game play for shots hit, etc.

4. Backbox General Illumination 44/555 (generally on all of the time)

                Prices vary per game, different qualities of flashers, bulbs, etc.