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44/47 2-LED Premium-Non Ghosting

44/47 2-LED Premium-Non Ghosting

Non-Ghosting, these LEDs are designed to stay dark, not dimly light when off. This occurs on some old machines which may have a slight voltage on the lamp matrix.

These are direct replacement LEDs. They are made from the highest quality plastics and electronic components available. Size measures in mm. 26H x 13W  

Voltage 6.3 AC or DC, as these are fully rectified. Current is .047 amps for power consumption of .3watts. This is 5 times less power used than a 44 bulb.

Temperature is much cooler also. LEDs 23.4C/74F, vs 44 bulb temperature of 38C/100F.

These are great on all locations on your pinball, are about 1.75 times brighter than a standard bulb.

Colors: White, Warm White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Purple.