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Whitewater Waterfall with Raft

Whitewater Waterfall with Raft

Waterfall w/ raft is custom designed to Bally‚Äôs/Williams White Water. It is a beautiful icy blue when the light is turned on and with the light off, it matches perfect to the color of the water on the playfield. The raft on the waterfall also matches the rafts in the game and on the trans light perfectly. This mod can be installed on the top left side of the playfield where the empty space is so the space will be filled. Because our mods are handcrafted, lighted and colored, there may be a very slight variation from mod to mod. Our mods come with lights, instructions and everything needed to install in game. These mods are also handcrafted from high impact crystal clear resin which means that this is going to give you a glowing effect that has not been possible with pinball mods before.

Easy installation

No soldering

No permanent changes to your game

Every mod is quality hand crafted, therefore there may be very slight variations.