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Walking Dead Pro

Walking Dead Pro

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 The Walking Dead TV series, about a Zombie apocalypse and 
based on the comic books of the same name, is soon to start its 5th season 
worldwide.  This show continues to break ratings records for the over 120 
countries in which it is televised.

  This game captures the world of The Walking Dead with brilliant 
art and great playfield mechanical toys.

  The shots are great, and the 
ramps are smooth.  Included among the mechanical devices and toys are a 
“Cell Block C” with cell doors that are bashed to open, then a Walker bash 
head inside, “Well Walker” bash toy, a playfield magnet, 3 bank drop 
target, a shot lane returning the ball to the shooter, custom molded Walker 
characters, decaled cabinet and speaker panel, and more.  We have designed 
a new and reliable star rollover switch, always a favorite in past games.  
And of course all the playfield lighting is  CoinTaker LED’s.

The Walking Dead Pro is loaded.

The Walking Dead Limited Edition is even more loaded with features, 
including a Crossbow ball firing mechanism, fire button in the lockdown 
bar, “Well Walker” guts, a 2nd playfield magnet at the “Well Walker”, a 
magnetic ramp ball diverter, “Governor’s Fish Tank” with illuminated head, 
a single bank drop target, spinning targets, traditional playfield supports 
and lock down bar, rust powder coated armor etc., unique decal art, and 
mirrored backglass.  The LE has multicolor GI lighting, and certain inserts 
have tri-color control lamp LED’s.

October 2014