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From the brand that brought you the number 1 selling VooDoo Glass,  we are excited to offer a new series to the VooDoo line of products.    The VooDoo Panel is a complete replacement for your Stern spike series factory speaker panel with custom laser cut art that gives you the ability to take the customization of your pinball machine to the next level!  Not to be confused with a simple acrylic speaker insert,  this is a full metal speaker panel replacement that has game specific art that has been laser cut into the speaker areas.   Add our speaker light kits and more to create customization like never before!   All panels will come in factory black wrinkle powder coat but can be sent to your favorite powder coater if a custom match is desired.  Keep checking back regularly for more styles as they become available.  

** Important: VooDoo panels were designed to be paired with a Cointaker 6x9 style speaker light kit.  Without the 6x9 light kits installed, visible stock speaker components behind the panel as well as other elements may give a skewed and somewhat muted look to the image.  To achieve the ultimate intended appearance, we recommend this Cointaker 6 x 9 style light kit paired with a foam speaker mesh kit with each VooDoo panel purchase. (foam mesh kits come stock with Pro/Premium model games so only needed for LE owners)**

$179.00 $159.00