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GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Premium Pinball

GUARDIANS of the GALAXY Premium Pinball

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Our Guardians of the Galaxy features a great and smooth playing playfield 
with long, rewarding ramps extending beyond the back of the playfield.  In 
addition to the normal 3 pops, 2 flippers, and 2 slingshots, Guardians has 
a large molded head (and on Premium and LE, arms) of the movie’s “Groot” 
character, with an opening mouth which eats and then ejects 4 pinballs for 
multiball.  The molded “Orb” opens and closes or lights, depending on the 
model to expose the “Infinity Stone”.  Under the Orb, a memory drop target 
catches and releases balls to begin another multiball.  The molded “Rocket” 
character has a kickback to shoot balls toward the player.  Depending on 
the model, Guardians has one or three magnets mounted under, not through, 
the playfield. And 8 player selectable modes, front molding mounted smart 
button, 2 controlled orbit gates, more targets and more devices.  
Multicolor playfield LED’s are utilized in all models, with more on the 
Premium and LE.

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