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Mustang LE Pinball

Mustang LE Pinball

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I am pleased to announce 3 versions of our Mustang Pinball Machine:
               Mustang Pro
               Boss Mustang Premium
               50 Years of Mustang Limited Edition (500 numbered games)
Pictures of all these Mustang versions are attached.

You will of course notice that the Mustang car on the Limited Edition 
pictures have been covered.  We will publish the completed art when 
approved by Ford.

Also, you will notice that the Mustang Premium has all Boss cars.  Boss 
cars are special high performance cars from the 5 decades of Mustang.  Our 
Boss Premium playfield art has Boss cars, different than the LE and the 
Pro.  Boss Mustang car enthusiasts will be attracted by the Boss Premium 

Mustang has great game play and a lot of features. Just a few of the 
features included in all Mustang pinball versions are:
--“GEARS” 5 drop target bank with 2 “shift” stand up targets behind
--More drop targets on the LE and Premium
--2 stacked ramps with stainless steel entrances that elevate to divert 
ball flow
--4 pop bumpers
--“Donut Time” captive ball
--“Mustang Store” scoop
--Electric controlled post or gate diverters
--Spinning target
--M U S T A N G “game carry over” spell out feature
--Player selectable driving tunes in collaboration with Sony Music
               4 in Pro
               8 in LE and Premium
--Scale model Mustang cars
--All LED lamps

April 2014