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Star Trek Pro

Star Trek Pro

Please call Melissa for best pricing 570-847-9595

Most of you have seen our fantastic Star Trek teaser video.  Star Trek has 
a long history of books, television shows, 12 movies and, in particular, 
the 2 latest JJ Abrams Star Trek movies on which our game is based.

There is no need for me to write of the worldwide popularity of Star Trek.

Likewise there is no need for me to write about the equally famous King of 
pinball design, Steve Ritchie, the moving force behind this great new Star 
Trek game.

There are 3 versions of Star Trek pinball, the Starfleet Pro, the Vengeance 
Premium, and the Enterprise Limited Edition, limited to 799 numbered games.

The attachments describe the game in great detail.  There are a few 
features I want to call to your attention.  

The player is Captain Kirk fighting to save the Federation from evil.  
There is an interactive Vengeance space ship, coupled with a memory 
resettable drop target, magnet and kicker, with which to do battle.  The 
playfield is Steve Ritchie at his best, with super smooth ramps, 3 flippers 
and plenty of exciting shots.  There are rules for casual and expert 
players.  All versions of Star Trek play fantastic.

Every version of Star Trek has 100% LED control and general illumination 
lights; these LED’s will increase reliability and attract players with the 
modern look.  The new metal and wood backbox  features the speaker panel 
tilted back to reduce display glare on the playfield glass.

October 2013